Central Christian Free State
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Central Christian  Free State of Australia formally seceded, was declared and proclaimed July 1st, 2004. See Declaration & Proclamation Page.

CENTRAL CHRISTIAN FREE STATE consists of a group of traditional, patriotic, Christian, God-fearing Australians, of like mind, beliefs and philosophy, who, having spent many years of our lives battling against the many and increasing violations of our inalienable rights by the various corrupt, anti-Christian  “governments” (federal, state and local), corrupt anti-Christian political systems, bureaucracies, and judiciaries, deliberately  violating God’s laws, our traditional laws, liberties, freedoms and customs.

Having exhausted every other avenue available to us, we have come together as a result of our realisation that we have been, and are continuing to be incrementally betrayed – spiritually, politically, financially, economically and morally - by various Australian "establishments," and have unanimously decided to take what we sincerely believe to be the only political, spiritual, legal, peaceful and moral solution left open to us – and that is, to exercise our inalienable right to secede - to contract out - from a  system and a situation that is increasingly becoming more and more precarious, more and more evil, and more and more dangerous, and form our own Sovereign, Central Christian Free State of Australia, in the form that it should have been in the first place, under the patronage and protection of our Lord Jesus Christ, King of all nations, King of Kings, and King of the Universe.

Any and all attempts to clean up parliament are simply quashed along party lines. The party in power closes ranks, according to directions given to the members by the respective (and illegal) party whips, and the matter is closed.

All the major parties are as bad as one another. The Liberal-National coalition is dominated by Freemasons whose ultimate goal is globalism (a euphemism for world government), and the Labour Party is dominated by Fabians (whose ultimate goal is also world government) . The overall objective of each of these parties is therefore the same, as admitted publicly by John Howard before the last "election," which is simply one-world government, otherwise known as international  International Corporate Fascism. Thus there are, apart from a few independents, no loyal patriotic politicians in Canberra. The State Governments are just as bad, if not worse.

Thus, Australia is being set up as the "testing ground" or "laboratory" for "globalisation", that is, one-world government, the so-called "New World Order." The so-called - and mis-named - "Free Trade Agreement" is a classic example of this, whereby rural Australia, and in particular the family farm, has been deliberately and effectively destroyed. There has been a hidden agenda in place for many years, wherein the family farm is to be destroyed and/or removed, and replaced with large corporate farms, manned and worked by virtual slave labour from Asia.

You are invited to study the relevant associated topics under the various links on this website, to improve your knowledge and understanding of the subject, and what can be done about it, and what we are doing about it..

This site has been prepared for the purpose of dispersing information to concerned people who see the disastrous direction in which we are being deliberately, deceitfully and dishonestly steered, by a process of gradualism, by successive federal and state "governments," and desire to take the necessary steps to safeguard their property, their families, our country, and their souls.

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