Rebuttal Sent to Prime Minister John Winston Howard August 23rd. 2004
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Mr. John Winston Howard, Parliament House, Canberra ACT.

Dear Sir, 


We have received your reply to our Declaration of secession, and our Proclamation of our Central Queensland Christian Free State of Australia. It has been shown to our electors, members, supporters and benefactors, and I have been instructed to respond on their behalf, as a matter of common courtesy, though we believe that there is really no need to do so, as our Christian Free State is now a reality. 

Firstly, we state that we are not at all concerned as to whether or not you "recognise" our Central Queensland Christian Free  State, as we are well aware that it does not go along with your hidden agenda to "globalise" the whole of the Australian continent. We are very much aware of  this devious, nefarious, deceitful hidden agenda of yours, and have been for many years.

There are many other things that you have not, and do not "recognise," including:

1. You did not "recognise" the correct wording of your Oath of Office, when you were sworn into office, in at least the last two terms of Parliament, omitting the words "her heirs and successors," in your oath, when swearing allegiance to Queen Elizabeth II. This was a deliberate, devious omission on your part, and a deceitful violation of your oath, and the Australian Constitution. It constitutes:

(a) False Swearing; a sin against the eighth commandment of God;

(b) A deliberate, devious, deceitful, dishonest and direct violation of the Constitution;

(c) When you swore yourself in, therefore, you swore yourself out !

2. You did not "recognise" the people's direct rejection of the iniquitous "Goods and Services Tax," by way of referendum. You chose to ignore the referendum results.

3. You did not "recognise" your promise to us, the people, that we would "never ever" have a Value Added, or Goods and Services Tax imposed on us. You lied again.

4. You did not, and still do not "recognise" the fact that you have absolutely betrayed the rural people of Australia, and wrecked the concept of the family farm, in obedience to your globalist money-lending masters.

5. You did not "recognise" the fact that you also lied regarding the "children overboard" affair, in order to win an election. Moreover, you took "office" with a minority vote.

6. You do not "recognise" the fact that you again blatantly lied to us, the people, in parliament, by claiming that Saddam Hussein "threatened to gouge the eyes out of a four-year-old." This was another deliberate, blatant lie.

7. You have not, and still do not "recognise"  the fact that, under the Australian Constitution, Australia is essentially a Christian country, and not pagan, to which your numerous pieces of so-called "legislation" continue to subscribe.

8. You obviously do not "recognise" the fact that you have been responsible for the mass murder of over 100,000 unborn Australian babies per year for the term that you have been in office, for which you must answer to our Lord Jesus Christ on Judgement Day.

9. You obviously do not "recognise" the countless violations, betrayals, deceits, lies, and blatant acts of treason that you have committed, and are still committing, against God, Queen and country, and against us, the people, since you have been in "office."

10. Moreover, your reference to land being "part of the Commonwealth of Australia" had us all  rolling on the floor laughing. You yourself do not recognise the Commonwealth of Australia, in fact, you have even had any reference to the word "Commonwealth" removed even from federal government letterheads!

11. You obviously do not recognise Almighty God either. We have not forgotten that it was you, John Winston Howard, who deviously and deceitfully attempted to have removed from the preamble of the Australian Constitution, any and all acknowledgement of God, including your attempted removal of the phrase "humbly relying on the blessing of Almighty God," an  attempt that was bluntly rejected by us, the people. Your deviousness, double standards and hypocrisy astound us.

12. We therefore simply reiterate that our Central Queensland Christian Free State has been officially and formally declared and proclaimed, as a fait accompli, in accordance with both Common Law and International Law. It is a reality, and will remain a reality in perpetuity, long after you are gone and forgotten, and whether you "recognise' that fact or not is of no concern to us whatsoever.

Thus, we believe that there is no necessity for any further correspondence on the subject, and the matter is therefore now closed. 

Yours sincerely,

Brian P. McDermott


Central Queensland Christian Free State of Australia

c.c. Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II

c.c. Queensland Premier Peter Beattie.



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